The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


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Minnesota Area Gam-Anon

Suggestions For The Newcomer

    1. Accept and learn to live with the fact that compulsive gambling is an illness that cannot be cured, but with recovery in GA, the gambler can have meaningful abstinence.
    2. The gambler, not you, should be responsible for calling the gambler's creditors to make restitution. Don't enable the gambler by taking this responsibility away from him or her.
    3. Experience has taught us that it is not helpful to the gambler to borrow monies or co-sign notes to cover gambling debts while the gambler is gambling or even when the gambler joins Gamblers Anonymous. Gamblers Anonymous offers a specific approach to managing finances and debt through its Pressure Relief Meeting.
    4. It is not recommended that anyone pay any gambling debts or the gambler's living expenses. This is the responsibility of the gambler.
    5. Prudence tells us that compulsive gamblers are seldom able to handle family finances. Perhaps this condition will be altered as the gambler progresses in recovery. The Gam-Anon Budget Relief program helps us understand and organize family finances.
    6. Discourage friends and family from lending the gambler money.
    7. The gambler's gambling debts were not incurred over a short period of time, therefore don't be discouraged if the gambler finds it necessary to pay back small amounts of monies over an extended period. Normal family expenses must come first. The Gamblers Anonymous Presssure Relief Meeting will help the gambler establish financial priorities and schedule debt repayments.
    8. Recovery is a slow process for the gambler. Give the gambler your encouragement and have faith in the GA and Gam-Anon programs.
    9. Come to Gam-Anon even though your gambler may continue to gamble. We understand your problem and can help you cope with the issues that surface due to the gambling and accompanying behaviors.
    10. To question or interrogate the gambler will serve no purpose. You are powerless to stop the gambler. If the gambler has something the gambler wishes to hide, the truth cannot be forced from the gambler. It only causes us emotional distress to try.
    11. Prudence tells us that compulsive gamblers are seldom able to handle finances.  Perhaps this condition will be altered as the gambler progresses towards recovery.
    12. Gamblers Anonymous is a program for the compulsive gambler.  Do not interfere.  Work your own program.
    13. It may be beneficial to encourage the gambler to go to the first few meetings.  However, after this the G.A. activities must be left to the gambler.
    14. Recovery is a very slow process for the gambler.  Give the gambler encouragement and have confidence in the G.A. and Gam-Anon programs.
    15. The past is gone.  Peace of mind can be found when the past is accepted without resentment.
    16. Come to Gam-Anon even if your gambler continues to gamble.  We understand your problem and we can help you through our program.
    17. You may wish to obtain a personal credit report.
    18. You may want to obtain information as to your liability on existing credit cards and credit lines.
    19. You may want to contact your Internet company to find out how to limit access to gambling and sports websites as appropriate to your needs.
    20. You may want to seek appropriate legal advice for answers if: there is a question of liability for taxes ( past, present. future ); you may want to change title to real property; you have questions about pensions, ownership of insurance policies and any other matters you feel require legal advice. 

("reproduced from Living With The Compulsive Gambler. (c) Gam-Anon International Service Office, Inc. May 2005" )