From AA to Gam-Anon

(This member, after spending years in another 12 Step program found himself in a situation that he could not manage.  He found a new perspective on the 12 steps through the Gam-Anon program.)

Through the program of Gam-Anon sponsorship and the grace of god I have found a new way of life. I have been a member of Gam-Anon in good standing since January 2007.

I was the youngest of 4 children. In school I did not feel like I fit in. The little acceptance I did get was in sports. I was co-captain of the wrestling team and lettered in football. I felt like I was not good enough just the way I was. Then I found alcohol. When I drank I became the person I wanted to be. I didn’t let every little thing bother me, I could relax, I laughed, I was funny, and people seemed to like me. But mostly that spinning feeling in my head stopped. I know this is not a meeting of alcoholics anonymous, just bare with me, it is relevant to my gam anon story.

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The Biggest Battle of our Lives

(A typical American family or so it seemed - Parents in the throws of there adult sons addiction)

Ours was a pretty typical American family: Mom, Dad, 3 sons, dog, cat, station wagon…you get the picture. Dad was a corporate business manager, Mom a “stay at home” busy volunteering in kid’s school and sports activities. Our middle son was a very busy toddler, an outgoing elementary school child, and a challenging teenager: having fun was more important than school. Upon graduation, he chose to work rather than go on to college and soon was having major money problems.

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