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Gam-Anon meetings are closed unless otherwise stated:

A closed meeting in Gam-Anon is for those individuals who identify themselves as a person who has been affected by someone with a gambling problem. A closed meeting provides a freedom that is necessary for more personal and intimate sharing by its members. It does so by providing an atmosphere in which they can feel more certain that those attending will be able to identify with them, and share their own experience, strength, and hope.

Open meeting events:

An open meeting is a meeting that may be attended by anyone (e.g., the gambler, professionals, and family members) interested in how we have found recovery. Most Gam-Anon meetings are not open.  Verbal participation may be limited to members only. An open meeting allows people from outside of the fellowship to observe what Gam-Anon is and how it functions. This can be very helpful to those individuals who are striving to reach a decision regarding their personal status as a member. An open meeting is one method our groups use to achieve their primary purpose of carrying the message to the person who has been affected by the gambling problem. Some groups also have open meetings as a way of allowing non-qualifying people to celebrate recovery anniversaries with them