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MN Meetings

Please check your state's information from the listing below to see if any meeting is available.  If so, go to your nearest meeting. 

  • Be sure to check for Virtual Meetings - Click here for ALL Virtual Meetings
  • See below for Virtual Meetings hosted by Minnesota Intergroup (click on the meeting title for the Zoom details)
  • See below for our In-Person Meetings (click on the meeting title for the location details)
  • Call our Hotline Number at 888-435-7166 to request information about a teleconference meeting and/or pen pal for new members. 
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  • FRIDAY (5648) (1ST & 3RD FRIDAY EACH MONTH ) - Friday | 6:00 PM | Central Time
  • FRIDAY (5951) - Friday | 7:30 PM | Central Time
  • MONDAY (5149) - Monday | 7:00 PM | Central Time
  • WEDNESDAY (5332) - Wednesday | 7:30 PM | Central Time
    MEMBERS ATTEND THIS MEETING TOGETHER IN PERSON AND VIRTUALLY AT THE SAME TIME. THIS GROUP MEETS IN PERSON THE 2ND WEDNESDAY EACH MONTH AS WELL AS EVERY WEEK VIRTUALLY. For more information about this meeting email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open meeting events

An open meeting is a meeting that may be attended by anyone (e.g., the gambler, professionals, and family members) interested in how we have found recovery. Most Gam-Anon meetings are not open.  Verbal participation may be limited to members only.  An open meeting allows people from outside of the fellowship to observe what Gam-Anon is and how it functions. This can be very helpful to those individuals who are striving to reach a decision regarding their personal status as a member. An open meeting is one method our groups use to achieve their primary purpose of carrying the message to the person who has been affected by the gambling problem. Some groups also have open meetings as a way of allowing non-qualifying people to celebrate recovery anniversaries with them

What is Intergroup?

Meetings in a geographic area join together for fundraising, publicity and social events by forming an Intergroup, also know as a Unity.  The Gam-Anon Intergroup works with the local Gamblers Anonymous Intergroup to plan and participate in joint and Gam-anon activities.  Profits from any joint fundraising activities are shared.

Each Intergroup is autonomous, using the 12 Unity Steps and Board decisions as its guide.  It elects its own officers, and names committees that can assist in reaching the goals that have been set.

This intergroup website is for meetings held in Minnesota, USA and virtual meetings that are run by the Minnesota Intergroup.  All are welcome to participate in our Minnesota meetings.